Success Stories

In addition to our Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, and Yelp Reviews, here are some Success Stories we've received from happy patients over the last decade. Whether it's treating pain, improving quality of life, or even cosmetic acupuncture, we've got a Success Story to share with you! It's Your Turn! Book online today to find out what everyone's talking about.

Heat Rash

I went in for a treatment and had gotten heat rash the day before. A lot of heat rash, over my legs, thighs, and arms. It was awful! Not only did Laura do my regular treatment she did the cupping treatment to release heat. Within 24 hours it had disappeared! For the past year I had been getting a little heat rash and it always took at least 4 -5 days to disappear. Not this time and so far I haven’t had a recurrence even though I’ve been working in really hot, humid conditions! Yeah!!

A Returning Customer Getting Great Results

Painful rotator cuffs — given a great treatment that resulted with great results and less pain … thanks Laura I will be back and also recommended you to two other ladies … thanks again.


What an amazing experience! Laura was wonderful. She explained the details of what she was doing. I felt the energy move through me. What a Blessing to the community.

Chronic Pain at an All Time Minimum

I have had chronic pain for several years now & didn’t want to be another pain medicine statistic so I just suffered for years. After just a couple of months of acupuncture with a professional who goes beyond basic treatment with her intuitive talents & extra care & advice, I’m not only 95% pain free, I am able to exercise, do yoga, work longer & truly have great energy. What a gift! Thank you!