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Success Stories

In addition to our Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, and Yelp Reviews, here are some Success Stories we've received from happy patients over the last decade. Whether it's treating pain, improving quality of life, or even cosmetic acupuncture, we've got a Success Story to share with you! It's Your Turn! Book online today to find out what everyone's talking about.

Back Pain- Not Anymore!

I have been going to Cloud 9 Acupuncture for a few months now and I have ALWAYS been impressed by their polite and friendly staff, clean facility, as well as the care recieved. Laura does an incredible job and I have noticed a BIG difference in my back pain. I HIGHLY recommend them to everyone I know. I look forward to continuing treatment with them and if you’re looking for the best acupuncture place around, look no further. This is it! 



Fertility Success!

This summer my husband and I were trying to get pregnant during the pandemic. We had been trying for about 6 months, and otherwise no luck. Feeling like it was a little too early to see a fertility specialist and thinking that the stress of covid and being displaced was playing a part in our fertility, I explored acupuncture as a treatment option. Cloud 9 was top of my searches in the area so made an appointment with Laura. She explained the impact acupuncture can have on fertility and how it goes hand in hand with stress reduction, and even though I was skeptical at first. I enjoyed the routine and peacefulness of the program, in addition to Laura’s ability to explain everything that was going on. She carefully tracked my cycle and I was impressed by how scientific and methodical it all really was. I got pregnant within the first cycle with the help of Laura and Cloud 9. My baby is due in March!




Her touch is very healing

Laura Stauffer Parks provided acupuncture services for me regularly from February, 2010 through October, 2010. This was my first time experiencing acupuncture and the experience was life changing for me. I went to acupuncture in an effort to take better care of myself and as a result I was able to sleep better than I’ve slept in eight years. Since going to acupuncture I have been able to be less anxious, more present and more aware of what my body is trying to tell me. Overall I feel healthier and as a result I’m able to be a better Mom and wife. Laura’s calm, peaceful and positive presence enhanced the healing process that has been occurring in my body. She helped me to trust the process and to trust what my body is trying to tell me. Her example of being fully present helped me to be more present with my children. Laura has a lot of wisdom and intuition. Both of these qualities add to her ability to be an excellent acupuncturist.

Laura’s ways of preparing me for what was going to happen helped me to trust the acupuncture experience. The way she encouraged me to take a deep breath before inserting a needle helped me to be more mindful. The things that she talked about during the treatment were incredibly insightful and often had to do with what had been on my mind. She was always very respectful and observant about my comfort level. Her touch is very healing. I cannot express enough how gifted Laura Stauffer Parks is as a healer/ acupuncturist.


I am a changed person because of Laura

Laura Stauffer Parks asked that I write a letter about my experience with her at Tai Sophia. I’m not sure where to begin…I generally find myself saying to friends “she’s just amazing” and leaving it at that. I have been struggling through one of the most difficult years of my life and Laura has been an incredible healing force. I’m not sure how I would have made it through without her constant companionship as a healer. She was ever present to my needs and responded to them perfectly. She knew when to use her healing touch, whether it be a big warm hug or a gentle hand on my shoulder. Her voice and presence would sooth me immediately upon my arrival. Her gentle, intense eye contact let me know that I was being cared for and unique.

I think the most remarkable thing about Laura is when I was too tired or sick to see my own potential, Laura could. She held that vision of my best self and guided me to her. She could see where I needed to go and invoked her interpersonal skills as well as her awesome acupuncture knowledge to get me there. I am a changed person because of Laura and I am so very lucky the universe led me to her.


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