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I started to have peace of mind

I started seeing Laura Stauffer Parks back in October of 2009. We had met at a networking event, and her amazing personality shined in a room with over 200 people. We had discussed acupuncture and holistic medicines as I had been interested since my time in Korea.

October of last year I came into Tai Sophia an absolute mess. I

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Her energy and warm smile

Having seen Laura Stauffer Parks around Tai Sophia Institute and the clinic before getting to know her, I was very excited when I learned that she would be joining our core group. Her energy and warm smile had already made their way into my heart, and now I would get the chance to know her and find out more about

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To My Dear Beloved Laura

To My Dear Beloved Laura-

I am very happy to write you this letter of recommendation and deep commendation for your portfolio as you move forward into the next chapter of your life.

You were a healer long before I met you.  And you were a healer the day I did.  And you continue to deepen your very profound skills

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First visit….. Wonderful! The benefit that you provide people is immeasurable. I have seen results from the first visit with the acupuncture needles in my ears. The pain in the right side of my back has been a dull ache and not acute and debilitating as it was before I came to your office. I am hoping that the longer

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