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I started to have peace of mind

I started seeing Laura Stauffer Parks back in October of 2009. We had met at a networking event, and her amazing personality shined in a room with over 200 people. We had discussed acupuncture and holistic medicines as I had been interested since my time in Korea.

October of last year I came into Tai Sophia an absolute mess. I was high strung, ball of stress, with tendonitis in my right elbow and knee problems.

Laura’s charisma, clarity and calmness was contagious. I immediately was at ease. We began acupuncture treatments and soon the bursitis went away, and my body became more regular.

I soon became more aware of how my body felt and what I put into my body. I started to have peace of mind. I could tell how certain things affected my body, and how to correct things on my own.

I remember one time, on the way to acupuncture, a guy ran into my car, then sped off. I was very stressed and uptight, as well as angry. An hour later, Laura had relieved my stress and I was back at peace.

Through the past year, she has always shined with the light, her skills in acupuncture are magical, my body has never felt better, and my mind and spirit never more at peace with the world and my surroundings.

I wish her all the best, and I miss having our regular treatments. What started out as an experiment in holistic medicine, has turned into a way of life.


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