Private Acupuncture Sessions

Cloud 9 Acupuncture also offers private acupuncture treatments.  Private treatments are done one-on-one, in a private room.  These treatments will include a combination of different types of acupuncture techniques, which may include possibilities of 5 Element Acupuncture, TCM Acupuncture, Flash Fire Cupping, and/or Moxibustion.

5 Element Acupuncture often gets to the root cause of why a patient continues to experience symptoms and helps to bring the patient’s health back into balance, using initial “clearing treatments” to work with a “clean slate of Chi” so that treatments are powerful and long-lasting.

We highly recommend that you read Testimonials from Private Session Acupuncture Patients in the “Testimonials” section to get a better idea of how 5 Element Acupuncture may help you.  Many patients find it to be deeply transformational, providing healing on the level of the body, mind and spirit.  Private acupuncture sessions include professional wellness coaching to help support you in partnership with your diet and lifestyle to help you achieve your wellness goals.

You can call Cloud 9 Acupuncture at (443) 521-3583 to book your Private 5 Element Acupuncture appointments or Schedule Appointment online.


What is Five Element Acupuncture? (adapted from


Here’s a great opportunity to learn about an amazing and relatively little-known form of acupuncture, which was originally introduced to the West by Englishman J.R. Worsley in the mid-20th century.  Following a true holistic model, this form of acupuncture is not aimed at merely reducing symptoms but is restorative, striving to treat body, mind & spirit at the same time.  Five Element acupuncture is an elegant, simply amazing Chinese art.

Not surprisingly, there are five elements to this form of acupuncture, which correspond to five “seasons” observed in nature: the fall, winter, spring, summer we normally recognize, and a fifth–Indian summer–we ordinarily might not.

A trained five element practitioner uses color, sound (tone), emotion, and even smell to diagnose your constitutional type; and relies heavily on acupuncture pulse diagnosis to confirm and treat conditions.


The following is a wonderful description of the experience of five element acupuncture which includes a patient’s point of view.  The author of this passage is Dianne Connelly, a leading practitioner and one of the founders of the Tai Sophia Institute, the acupuncture school that Laura Parks received her Masters degree from in Laurel, Maryland.

“What goes on in the treatment room is a tapping of life as an empowering event. Traditional acupuncture is a system of healing that looks to all of a person and sees the entirety of the individual as an expression of Ch’i, the life force, the essence of life manifesting. Nothing of a person’s life is judged bad or good, it simply is. Everything is seen and held simply as an expression of the person en route to knowing who she is, self reaching for self.

Everything in each human’s life is seen as an integrated picture consistent with her journey. Health is a dynamic experience of this integrity, no matter what the circumstances of the daily life, the tasks at hand at the moment—diapering the baby, putting in the needle, delivering a lecture, making love, washing dishes, praying. As she taps the power of being in her own life, it is as though she has swallowed a hand grenade with the pin pulled out, and in slow motion begins to realize what she has done: an internal explosion occurs, and though she may look like her old self in appearance, a transformation happens from which she will not recover, nor will she want to. In the awesome recognition of her homecoming, in the irrevocable acknowledgment of her Nature, she is no longer estranged from herself. Every estrangement henceforth will point her homeward.

It is through our nature that we master our symptoms, that we break through habits and patterns that no longer serve us, that we change the ways that we have ceased to be useful in our lives. We shift from being possessed by our history and all its content to being in command of our own homecoming. “I am more at home in myself. I have a grasp on my struggles—I can use them. If a headache starts, I don’t automatically dread it. I’m calmer now.” These are words of a person beginning to recognize her power to be healthy. This is a shift from a position of being the victim of a symptom, to being in balance and harmony in relation to the symptom.

From here, the patient begins to gain her whole life, seeing herself in the world, both her internal and external world, as a creative force. She grows to trust her own life, to observe the varied expressions of herself—gestures, thoughts, interactions, reactions, patterns of eating, sleeping, emotions, upsets, symptoms; to see the relationships and watch the tapestry she weaves in a day’s time, not as a voyeur, but as a voyager in the kingdom of self. She opens to all of life, and gives thanks. She realizes that her task is the same as the task of every human being—to be home in her life, to live her life fully and authentically, knowing she is not here alone nor only for herself. She is here for life, shepherdess for the homecoming of human life.”


—Dianne Connelly, All Sickness is Home Sickness.