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Cost is determined at your Consultation. This is when your expert Acupuncture provider will review your medical condition and determine your treatment plan, review any (verified) insurance coverage for acupuncture under your individual policy, and based on the aforementioned, provide a clear expectation of your treatment fees.

We do not take on every patient who comes to us for treatment because we only take on patients who we feel confident we can help and patients who are ready to commit to their prescribed treatment plan.

This is why the Consultation is such an important first step, to determine if and how we should proceed in working together to provide you solutions to your health concerns.


We value your interest in Cloud 9 Acupuncture and we look forward to adding you to our long list of Success Stories!


Acupuncture is often covered by your insurance plan. Please Call us at 410-847-4766 or email with the following insurance information so we can verify your acupuncture coverage:

  • Your full name and Date of Birth
  • The full name and Date of Birth of the primary policy holder (if not you)
  • The name of insurance carrier (ex: Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, or Aetna)
  • Your insurance ID # (we do NOT need the Group #)
  • Telephone # for Providers, sometimes also labeled as Customer Service or Claims and Benefits usually on the back of your insurance card.

We are participating providers with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, Aetna, Johns Hopkins EHP, & Kennedy Krieger’s Core Source plans.


You can use any method of payment, including HSA’s (Health Savings Accounts) or Medical Flex Spending plans.

Medicare does not cover Acupuncture, however, some of the Secondary plans do.


Please call us to verify your coverage. Or submit your insurance info at our Contact Us page:

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