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This experience changed my life

Dearest Laura Stauffer Parks,

I am writing this per your request to describe my acupuncture experience with you. This experience changed my life.

Each of my treatments gave me something…some helped my deal with my stressful life better, some helped me realize my true potential and, in your words, my gifts.

As a trained psychotherapist who is living with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, I have at times lost sight of how to help myself, and with your help I have regained much of this sight. I also have gained much of the self-confidence that has been hiding in my soul that I will need to start my private practice…which I plan to start after the beginning of the New Year. Perhaps the most amazing thing you have helped me with is that I have stopped smoking marijuana for the longest time in 5 years and this time I feel stronger in this achievement than I have ever felt before. For the first time in years I can talk with my patients and tell them that there is life after substance abuse, without feeling like a hypocrite.

I want to thank you Laura for the many things you have helped me with and have given to me…I very much appreciate your being part of my journey.


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