Her touch is very healing

Laura Stauffer Parks provided acupuncture services for me regularly from February, 2010 through October, 2010. This was my first time experiencing acupuncture and the experience was life changing for me. I went to acupuncture in an effort to take better care of myself and as a result I was able to sleep better than I’ve slept in eight years. Since

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I am a changed person because of Laura

Laura Stauffer Parks asked that I write a letter about my experience with her at Tai Sophia. I’m not sure where to begin…I generally find myself saying to friends “she’s just amazing” and leaving it at that. I have been struggling through one of the most difficult years of my life and Laura has been an incredible healing force. I’m

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Laura has made me feel younger

I have always believed in alternative medicine, but Laura Stauffer Parks made me realize just how much we as people have lost over time and how I can get it back.

Laura has made me feel younger and given me the gift of how I used to see the world. Not the way I started to see things, I now

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This experience changed my life

Dearest Laura Stauffer Parks,

I am writing this per your request to describe my acupuncture experience with you. This experience changed my life.

Each of my treatments gave me something…some helped my deal with my stressful life better, some helped me realize my true potential and, in your words, my gifts.

As a trained psychotherapist who is living with Posttraumatic

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