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Her touch is very healing

Laura Stauffer Parks provided acupuncture services for me regularly from February, 2010 through October, 2010. This was my first time experiencing acupuncture and the experience was life changing for me. I went to acupuncture in an effort to take better care of myself and as a result I was able to sleep better than I’ve slept in eight years. Since going to acupuncture I have been able to be less anxious, more present and more aware of what my body is trying to tell me. Overall I feel healthier and as a result I’m able to be a better Mom and wife. Laura’s calm, peaceful and positive presence enhanced the healing process that has been occurring in my body. She helped me to trust the process and to trust what my body is trying to tell me. Her example of being fully present helped me to be more present with my children. Laura has a lot of wisdom and intuition. Both of these qualities add to her ability to be an excellent acupuncturist.

Laura’s ways of preparing me for what was going to happen helped me to trust the acupuncture experience. The way she encouraged me to take a deep breath before inserting a needle helped me to be more mindful. The things that she talked about during the treatment were incredibly insightful and often had to do with what had been on my mind. She was always very respectful and observant about my comfort level. Her touch is very healing. I cannot express enough how gifted Laura Stauffer Parks is as a healer/ acupuncturist.


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