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I am a changed person because of Laura

Laura Stauffer Parks asked that I write a letter about my experience with her at Tai Sophia. I’m not sure where to begin…I generally find myself saying to friends “she’s just amazing” and leaving it at that. I have been struggling through one of the most difficult years of my life and Laura has been an incredible healing force. I’m not sure how I would have made it through without her constant companionship as a healer. She was ever present to my needs and responded to them perfectly. She knew when to use her healing touch, whether it be a big warm hug or a gentle hand on my shoulder. Her voice and presence would sooth me immediately upon my arrival. Her gentle, intense eye contact let me know that I was being cared for and unique.

I think the most remarkable thing about Laura is when I was too tired or sick to see my own potential, Laura could. She held that vision of my best self and guided me to her. She could see where I needed to go and invoked her interpersonal skills as well as her awesome acupuncture knowledge to get me there. I am a changed person because of Laura and I am so very lucky the universe led me to her.


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