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Full Moon: Howl to Heal

One of my very first happy memories as a child I am running in circles outside at night with my dad both of us “howling at the moon.” We were laughing as hard as one can while giving a good howl.  My parents were wise to let me “run out that last bit of wild energy before bed” so I could sleep better at night. I was probably about 3 or 4 years old.

The full moon brings out that ‘wild energy’ in a lot of us.  Through the years, I’ve worked with many therapists and social workers, and E.R. nurses who swear their busiest (and craziest) nights at work are during the full moon.

In acupuncture school one of our teachers, Dianne Connolly, would often remind us that the human body consists mostly of water and that the tears we cry are the same ratio of salt to water as what you can find in the ocean.Full Moon Ocean

The ocean is one of my favorite places. I love watching the waves standing ankle deep in the water feeling the intense pull the very earth I stand upon being pulled back into the ocean. Always, I remember it is Mother Moon that controls the movement of the tide and imparts influence on the intensity of the waves.  The full moon creates energetic movement of our emotions and our bodies (many women who are not on birth control bleed or ovulate on the full moon). Astrologers speak at length about the opportunity to focus on releasing that which no longer serves us on the full moon, making space for us to focus on new beginnings and shift our new projects onto the new moon.

The full moon allows us to “check in” and take stock of the past and how it shows up in the present moment, allowing us to let go and grieve our losses.  Perhaps this is why the wolf’s howl sounds like a “wail of grief” at times, a touch of sadness being released wildly into the open air.  Wolves often seem alone, yet actually live in packs with love and order.

Howl at the Moon

Maybe this is why my dad has an assorted pack of wolves howling at the moon in the nook of his living room.  In all different colors and sizes, I wonder who these wolves are and what they are howling about.

Next full moon will you allow yourself to be like the wolf and wildly release whatever may be holding you back?  Will you acknowledge that wild part of yourself that goes untended? Our ancestors thrived with rituals and routine rhythm that aligned with the flow of nature.  Many times, the rituals served as a release from the mundane of daily life, a way to tap into our sense of spirit.

Tell me, how will you howl?


By: Laura Stauffer Parks


photo credit: <a href=”″>Full moon</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>

photo credit: <a href=”″>* Howling at the Moon *</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>



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