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Food, Reciprocity & The Heart ❤ Canned Food Drive Continues …

Cloud 9 Acupuncture has decided to continue to collect Canned Food until Feb. 14th to donate to the Maryland Food Bank.

With Valentine’s Day coming up it got me thinking about The Heart as a symbolic spiritual teaching.

The anatomical heart must simultaneously give and receive at the same time.  If the heart does not receive blood and in the same moment, pump blood back out to our body, we would die.  Reciprocity must continue in order for the almighty heart to function, for us to live and thrive.

As we move into the season of the heart and shifting our awareness to loving others, be sure to love yourself first and always receive nourishment to make up for giving to others all the time.

What feeds your heart?  What nourishes your spirit?  What brings you joy?
Be sure to ask for extra hugs from your sweetie, or from your children.  Spend extra time spoiling your pets with treats or toys and bask in the joy and unconditional love they provide. Take the time to do one of your favorite joyful activities, like singing or dancing to your most loved lyrics, take a workshop on something intriguing or read a new book.  Tend to your physical and emotional health with an acupuncture treatment.  Find ways to bring yourself laughter, lightness and ease.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service!

Here’s to a balanced, healthy, vibrant and fun season of the heart,

Laura Parks
Cloud 9 Acupuncture


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