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Spring: A Season of New Possibilities

A phrase we all know well, “the winds of change” always reminds me of the Spring season.  In Chinese Medicine, the color that resonates with Spring is Green.

season of possibilities

The emotion that is associated with Spring is Anger or Frustration.  Anger can be a good thing, especially in balance.  The experience of Anger can allow us to finally take effective action about an issue that has bothered us for a long time, or give us fresh perspective on what we need to change in our lives to live a more authentic life.

The odor of Spring is called Rancid, and can best be described as the smell after a good Spring rain that comes from the wet trees.  In this scenario, the Rancid smell is not so bad at all!

The sound of Spring is Shout, which can sound like having a verbal ping pong match, speaking with short, clipped phrases, to the point, clear and efficient.  I’m reminded of the military in this example, most communication with the military is short, to the point, and efficient.  Military communications are not the place where we will likely find lofty poetic responses.

Spring is considered the Wood Element in Chinese Medicine, and the Wood Element rules the Liver and Gallbladder organs and Meridian pathways.  The Wood Element also rules the muscles, tendons, ligaments and sinews of the body, as well as our Eyes and our physical vision.  In a more metaphorical sense, the Wood Element also creates our ability to craft a vision for our lives, and affords us the gifts of Planning, Drive, Motivation and Action.

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