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How Does Summer Show Up in Your Body?

Fire Constitutional Factor

By Kelly Ferguson, L.Ac.

                You may hear your practitioner speaking about your CF or Constitutional Factor, and you are probably asking yourself what that means? In Five Element Acupuncture Theory there are five elements or seasons that we use to help diagnosis and understand our patients. We have each of these elements within us, but we prefer one to two of them over the others. Those elements that we unknowingly prefer or align with are what we would call a person’s Constitutional Factor or CF. Within each CF there are the meridians, colors, odors, sounds, emotions, personality traits, seasons, etc. that go along with it.


One of these elements is a Fire Constitutional Factor. The season for Fire is Summer which is coming to an end as we head into Late Summer. This element is very loving and playful. It likes to build connections with others and find partnership. Fire CF’s will have some red or lack of red on their skin around their eyes, and will have a scorched smell odor to them. They connect to the heart, pericardium, small intestine and triple burner meridians.


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