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Acupuncture & Neuropathy

Did you know?…. Acupuncture is a stellar treatment option for reversing neuropathy. At our clinic, we’re proud to report we have over a 85% success rate in regaining sensation in hands or feet affected by peripheral neuropathy, chemotherapy induced neuropathy, and small fiber neuropathy. 



Neuropathy affects millions of Americans, usually those who are over the age of 65. Lately, our clinic has seen many patients who are far younger than expected suffering from neuropathy after suffering from the COVID-19 virus. A few patients have also reported neuropathy after receiving the COVID vaccine.  Regardless of the cause of neuropathy, our clinic still shows clinically documented success in regaining the health of the nerves and healthy sensation, eliminating the burning, numb, pins and needles or painful sensations that frequent neuropathy. 



We utilize The Toronto Exam to establish a baseline prior to beginning the Neuropathy Program. The Toronto Exam uses 3 sensations: heat, ice, and a pinwheel to measure the loss of nerve sensation in the hands and feet compared to the side of the face. As the patient continues care, we re-assess using The Toronto Exam to measure our progress at regular intervals of treatment. 

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