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Your Symptoms As Your Teacher

Acupuncture and the automotive mechanic: the business of recognizing symptoms before they become costly

By: Chris Fadgen, M.Ac., L.Ac.


Your car is an investment that you want to last. So when the check engine light comes on or the car temperature gauge lights up, you know it’s time to call the mechanic. Sure, sometimes we can push through and delay appropriate service, but that comes with potential risk of damage and more costly repairs.

As an acupuncturist, I request you look at our body in the same way. It goes without saying that it is your greatest investment but the challenge is, it didn’t come with an owner’s manual.


acupuncture meridian

Just like a car dashboard has signals alerting us of mechanical issues, the human body offers messages can help direct us. These messages are usually subtle and require some keen observation. To begin to reach a deeper understanding of their “signals”, I advise my patients to observe and report on 5 symptoms that “come and go”. These can be simple things like “tired eyes”, a small headache or body ache, that odd knee or back pain that seems to come out of nowhere.


Often these seemingly unrelated symptoms begin to take a certain pattern. It takes a little time and observation, but eventually a patient will find that when one symptom comes and the appropriate remedy is not provided, another, more pronounced symptom surely follows. The onset and severity of the symptoms rise to match the medical issue whereby each “signal” that is ignored results in a stronger and more unavoidable message until the issue is so problematic that costly medical intervention become a necessity.


In short, if we don’t recognize and intervene appropriately, the problem escalates until it is critical enough to correspond directly to modern medical diagnosis. This usually means trouble (and costly repairs).


Regular acupuncture treatment delivers the ability to see the signals offered by our body. The question is, “Will you choose to disregard your body’s signals and allow the issue to escalate toward more drastic medical intervention OR will you observe, recognize and take effective action to remedy the issue?”


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My acupuncture process empowers you to take control of your health and wellness usually in small and easy ways to avoid more costly repairs. I look forward to seeing you in our White Marsh office. Schedule a FREE 15 minute consult or book your first appointment today at


Chiris Fadgen
Chris Fadgen, M.Ac., L.Ac.


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