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Sore Muscles & Weekend Warriors

If you are like many of my patients, you might be a “Weekend Warrior” – working a humdrum, easy going lifestyle during your work week only to turn things up a notch once the weekend arrives.  Many of my patients are coming in for treatment of Chronic Pain.  All sorts of pain, back pain, tennis elbow, neck issues, knee pain, arthritis, acupuncture can be very helpful for almost every time of pain.  My Weekend Warriors often feel so good after their acupuncture treatments they temporarily forget about their old injuries or arthritis and go a little wild with too much yard work, gardening, or salsa dancing!

Acupuncture for Immune Deficiency


I love the passion and enthusiasm my Weekend Warriors have for enjoying life in the moment.  We should all be so lucky to get caught up in loving what we are doing.  However, if you find yourself a few days out from over doing it suffering from enormous amounts of pain and regret . . .

Try acupuncture.  You can come in as often as you need to.  As part of your treatment, we can combine the use of powerful acupuncture points with cupping, gua sha and TDP infrared heat lamp – all of which help release soft tissue restrictions, relaxing the muscles and providing an immediate sense of relief.

Don’t worry, we can even throw in the “Memory Improvement” acupuncture point at the end of your treatment, so next time you might remember when it’s a good time to stop and take a break from pulling weeds or cutting a rug with your dance partner.

Now that summer is here, I encourage you to please have a good time, just try to be kind to yourself in the process. Balance is the key to good health and happiness!


p.s. Try an Epsom Salt Bath for 25 mins. in warm water to rid your body of sore, achy muscles.  You will release the Lactic Acid from the sore muscles while simultaneously absorbing Magnesium from the bath. For ultimate comfort, shower off the Epsom salt when you’re done soaking.  It’s the perfect home remedy for Weekend Warriors!

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