Intuition Training

Perceptive Awareness Technique (P.A.T.) is a unique technique specifically designed to help you connect with your own intuition, and provide a framework to access accurate and immediate information. 

This proven method has been taught in workshops across the globe since 2000, and successfully applied by certified practitioners from all backgrounds and positions in the community. 

PATDovenowords1 (328x400)P.A.T. Students Are:

  • More productive and positive in business and personal decision making
  • Skilled in correct use of breath for accessing intuition
  • Able to use the intuition to interpret dream symbols
  • Able to expand higher consciousness of self
  • Taught a meditative procedure for rapid relaxation
  • Able to quickly focus and concentrate for greater accuracy
  • Able access higher sense perception to improve self and personal relationships

This P.A.T. training is a 3 day live, multi-media intensive, providing each participant with workbook, CD’s, video instruction with P.A.T. founder, Connie Newton, and individualized hands-on practice with P.A.T. Instructor Laura Parks and your fellow classmates.

*For more detailed info about Perceptive Awareness Technique, visit my other website,


To Enroll: Please Call Laura Parks, 443-521-3583 or Email

*Deposits are due several weeks prior to class, so we can order your student workbooks and CD’s. (Tuition includes all training materials and instruction). 

Certification is given upon successful completion of the P.A.T. training.


*For more detailed info about Perceptive Awareness Technique, visit my other website,


Our PAT Students say:

“For a long time I felt there was and is more to this world and life. Vestiges of a childlike understanding it hinged I suppose on more an innate understanding or awareness of things that, in many cases has been driven from us as we grew older by friends, family, society as a whole, formalized education or the complexity of our own lives. What ever that reason is, the Perceptive Awareness Technique (PAT) offers a way to reconnect with that innate understanding or awareness.  It is still there and can be strengthened and reawakened. It is a journey that starts with the PAT class and then unfolds for each individual in its own deep and meaningful ways.  

This will sound cliche BUT, it is literally life changing as you practice and learn about yourself, others and the world and Life.  I highly recommend The PAT class and offer that with Laura Parks as your teacher that the entire class will be easy to follow and understand. Her patience and ability to teach the material is outstanding.  So, what are You waiting for?  Come on and make the Jump!” 
-Kurt Specht, Baltimore, Maryland


“After attending a few of Laura’s smaller meditation classes (loved the Photon exchange!), I was offered a chance to take the Perceptive Awareness Technique Course. The training could not have come at a better time. I was in a phase of transition, and had been desperately seeking answers that I’ve found through completion of my P.A.T. 

The experience in the class not what I had expected at all, in such an awesome way. The accuracy of my intuition from day one was seriously shocking to me. As I learned more about P.A.T, I felt motivated to use my intuition to guide myself into healing, and I became excited to help others in need. 

At the end of the class, I felt very grounded and enlightened. I genuinely felt as if a veil had been lifted, and that I was now capable of living my life without so much fear and anxiety dragging me down. Since the training, I have used the technique to help my friends find clarity in their personal situations. I’ve also used this technique make intuitive decisions that have positively affected my work and home life. I would highly recommend that anyone who is offered a seat in this class take it! There’s so much more to life than what meets the eye. P.A.T has shattered my misconception about having to live life by the “status quo”. Through the use of my intuition, I feel more in alignment with a higher power, and more in charge of my life’s course. I’m so very grateful that I’ve had the chance to help others take the reign of their lives as well. 

Thank you so much for this gift of peace and light, Laura!”
Cara Falco, Baltimore, MD